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Serv S. Wahan DMD, MD

Dr. Serv Wahan grew up in Seattle, Washington. When he was in the fourth grade, he decided he wanted to be a dentist and kept that plan all the way through college at Washington State University and  finally to Tufts Dental School in Boston, Massachusetts. In his second year, he did a rotation in oral surgery and absolutely loved it so he decided to go on and specialize. He matched to Allegheny General in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and completed a 6 year residency in oral maxillofacial surgery including medical school at Drexel University.  After residency he has been in private practice in Seattle as well as teaching oral surgery at the University of Washington Dental School. After the pandemic, everything went virtual so he decided to use social media to teach minor oral surgery procedures including dental extractions and wisdom teeth removal. He created his surgery account @drwahan to show step-by-step procedures. A few years later, he  created a podcast to go in-depth on topics relevant to the dental field. @drwahan.experiment

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