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About Helmut Zepf

His specially developed surgical methods made him world-famous – Professor Ferdinand Sauerbruch. As a surgeon, he had very clear ideas about the characteristics and quality of his surgical instruments. And in this respect, it was far from easy to always meet Sauerbruch’s high standards.


The famous surgeon turned to the instrument maker Zepf in Seitingen, still in its infancy back then, to realize his desired surgical instruments and special prototypes for arm and leg prostheses. Isidor Zepf, who founded the company in 1921, and his daughter Rosa were able to manufacture these products according to the wishes and ideas of the Berlin professor. The cooperation formed the basis for the successful development of Zepf in Seitingen.

From its humble beginnings, the cottage industry began to grow to meet an ever-increasing demand for medical instruments.


Over the decades to come, Helmut Zepf senior and Helmut Zepf junior shaped the company into a leading manufacturer of dental instruments in Germany.

Today, led by Patrick Zepf, respect is payed to the same traditions and values held by previous generations.

Mr. Vince Holden, of H&H company, and Patrick Zepf met in 2018 and decided to break new ground together. Both companies combine the same values and quality in the production of the finest instruments. Our aim is for a long term relationship where H&H Company distributes products under the Helmut Zepf brand.


Helmut Zepf Managing Director Patrick Zepf and H&H Company Owner Vince Holden 

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