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Trephine Ejection Kit

The Trephine Ejection Kit was developed together with Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury. It contains several unique ideas which turn this kit into something special:

Two-part, internally cooled trephines allow for a safe and minimal invasive extraction of local bone cylinders. The inner cooling reliably prevents a damage of the bone tissue due to overheating, while the removable trephine working parts allow for an especially easy sampling of the cut out bone cylinders. Either with the aid of the ejection needle or the ejection instruments, which perfectly match with the diameter of the trephine working parts, the bone cylinders can be pushed out of the trephines. Furthermore, the included pre-drilling trephines allow for a safe application of the trephines. Due to the two-part trephines, the variety of different diameters and the optimal matching of the instruments, the Trephine Ejection Kit offers highest efficiency, flexibility and precision to the user for the extraction of bone cylinders.

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