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Osstell ISQ SmartPeg (Box of 5)

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Osstell ISQ SmartPegs

**To determine the correct SmartPeg for your implant system please visit **

The Osstell SmartPegs come in a box of 5.

Osstell SmartPegs are “single use items“ and will work with any Osstell / W&H Osstell ISQ system.

SmartPeg Advantages:


>Works with all Osstell / W&H Osstell ISQ RFA units

>SmartPegs are available for each Implant manufacturer, their specific Implant platforms and diameters

>Backed by more than 900 scientific studies, our method is based on RFA to determine whether or not an implant is stable enough. The result is presented as an ISQ value of 1-100. The higher the ISQ, the more stable the implant. For detailed information, please visit

It is all about Risk Management…

>A failed dental implant can be agonizing for everyone involved. With today’s techniques, treatment times and opportunities for patients with risk factors have improved significantly. However, correctly assessing implant stability and osseointegration can still be a challenge.

>Using SmartPegs helps both the patient and Doctor to reduce all associated time and physical costs in restoring implants.

Time saving

>Immediate load protocol is the most desired. Patients want results fast. With Osstell, you wait only as long as needed – take out the guesswork – measure!

>W&H SmartPegs are “single use items” and the same SmartPeg must not be re-used on multiple patients


>This method eliminates chance. When measuring the implant stability, you will get an objective value, making the implant treatment more predictable - even for patients with risk factors.

>Osstell helps you to objectively and non-invasively determine implant stability and to assess the progress of osseointegration – without jeopardizing the healing process.

>W&H SmartPegs help to know exactly when you can safely restore a patients’ Implant(s) – no guessing is required!

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