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Implant Organizer quadrant 1 and 4

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Implant Organizer

acc. to Pavel Krastev DDS, US Patent 9,545,297 B1

Dental implants are packaged in sterile vials and should be used in an as clean and organized manner as possible.

Implant therapy can be broken down into four phases:
a planning phase, a surgical phase, a post-surgical phase and a restorative phase. The organizer is used during all four phases.

1. Planning Phase

The doctor elects an implant size for a particular site, or sites. Each planned implant size will be placed into a receptacle that corresponds to a tooth number provided on the organizer. At the end of the planning phase, all planned implants with the appropriate sizes are present in the correspond- ing receptacle of the implant organizer.
Benefit: It is assured that required implants are available for the planned surgery.

2. Surgical phase

The surgical assistant places the organizer with the corresponding implant vials on the countertop. When the doctor has completed the osteotomies, the surgical assistant takes the vial from the corresponding receptacle of the Implant Organizer, opens the vial and passes the implant to the doctor for insertion. Afterwards, the surgical assistant replaces the empty vial back into the implant organizer and assists the doctor in the same manner until the procedure terminates.
Benefit: The doctor is not distracted from the surgical field to cross check the implant sizes since it was already done in the planning phase. Any potential confusion is eliminated.

3. Post-surgical phase

The importance of the post-surgical phase has to do with record keeping. In this phase the doctor makes his notes in the patient chart. It is imperative that all labels are placed according to tooth numbers in the patient record / chart! The Implant Organizer is now available for this purpose. All vial labels can be removed and inserted into the patient chart.
Benefit: Avoiding of errors during record keeping.

4. Restorative Phase

The bottom of the implant organizer is manufactured with much lower profile and with solid bottoms, magnetically attached. It should be used during the restorative phase of implantology. In this manner as the doctor removes healing abutments from the patient's mouth they can be placed into the implant organizer according to tooth numbers.

Benefit: A mix-up of healing caps / abutments is avoided because all parts are assigned to an explicit tooth.

Additional Use: Bottom portion of Organizer can be additionally used during the bonding phase of porcelain veneers and / or ceramic restorations.

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